My Homemade Strawberry Charlotte


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A few weeks ago I made my first strawberry Charlotte with a sweet friend of mine. It was meant as a dessert for a family barbecue and I thought it tasted divine! (It also looked pretty damn delicious if I may say so myself) Although I love baking very much, it was really nice to just create something so beautiful and delicious without using the oven and with fresh and fruity ingredients. If anyone is interested in the recipe, please say so in the comments! I will try to find the recipe and post it here. 

Sweet hugs,






Day (421) – The Voice

The Better Man Project ™


I went to bed sick.

And I had this dream.

Where I was standing on the road.

The sun was rising, but the fog was still out.

There was this eerie light everywhere.

I looked down at the concrete.

My bare feet touched the ground.

On the black…”Starting Line” was inscribed.

My bare body stood there at the threshold.

Not the body I have now, but the body I have envisioned.

And I heard this voice.

“Ask for it.”

It said it over and over again.

It was gentle but encouraging.

“Ask for it.”

And I stood there…looking down at my feet.

And I took the first step.

It has made all the difference.

~ Evan Sanders

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Is it finally here?


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I barely dare to say it, but is spring finally here? Oh I can’t bare the wait any longer!! You probably knew this already, but I’m like a cold blooded reptile that adapts way better in warm areas, and freezes to death when it gets a bit cold.. So when I finally see a little bit of sunshine through the dark grey clouds, I blossom out of excitement just like a little crybaby whenever he gets a chocolate covered pacifier or something like that.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands wouldn’t be the Netherlands if Mother Nature wouldn’t tease me with a little bit of sunshine this week, and give me loads of rain the next. So what are my plans for this week? Should I cherish the spring feeling and get myself a lot of festival tickets already? I think I want to go to a lot of festivals this year such as Pinkpop or Lowlands. But also I have to save a lot of money to go to the USA this year. Jhep, I wanna go to LA! Make my dreams come true. Become an actor, get famous, living the good life, and so on and so on… Luckily I’m the only one with this dream SFL (SarcastForLife). Nevertheless, I will give it a shot somewhere in my life!! Better to do it now when I’m young and my skin is still tightly attached to my face rather them to wait till I’m a DILF without even being a daddy. Good god, did I just write that out loud..?! Haha.

Anyways, what are your plans for the summer? Are you going somewhere exotic, or are you just staying in your home country? Let us know!




High Teas and Highlights


Hi guys, yes I am still alive  (barely though). I have been so busy with school and work that I just couldn’t let myself write a bit here. I have thought about it quite often though. A moment would present itself and I would think ahw I want to write about this today! But then I would push it to the end of the day, by which time I would already be to dead to do anything at all really. So lots of catching up to do (keeping the positive outlook!)

So how was your Valentines day? Any secret crushes outed or uncovered? Or maybe just a night with the boy/girlfriend or with friends! Or maybe you are one of those people who only think Valentines is some commercial stunt to get us consumers to buy more useless stuff .. Personally I think you should still try to see the magic of this day. If you do, anything can happen! (although I do think that shops use Valentines in a very clever way haha). But seriously it doesn’t have to be about gifts, it should be about romantic gestures and being together right? God I sound mushy, better move on now.

I want to tell you about my Valentines! It was also the birthday of a good friend of mine and she decided to celebrate it with me and my other friends with a high tea. It was at her place and she and her family prepared all the goodies themselves. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever seen anything more lovely. I mean if this is what heaven looks like.. Haha no just kidding, but seriously my friends and I were in awe.

And ofcourse we tried to eat it all. (You can put the emphasis on tried) Take a look yourself:



After the high tea I had to hurry home for dinner with the entire family. I forgot how great that is, spending time with the family. Really missed it. And on top of it all, my boyfriend bought me a little something as well, even though we said no presents ( should have seen it coming though haha). Overall, a busy but great Valentines day.

Now I am looking out for next weekend, where I will be reunited with my sweet Mikki!

Have a good Friday everyone,

Xx Shanice

Moustache Barbershop


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Hello to you my dear readers,

We’re terribly sorry for our extreme absence with this blog!! So much has happened, so busy we’ve been. Ill tell you guys everything, please read on..

So, me and my boyfriend decided to open our very own men-only barbershop in the centre of Groningen city. It all started in December when we had the opportunity to get this “amazing” shop. I used the quotation marks because once we got ourselves the keys, we realized there was a lot of work to do in a short amount of time! I was thinking, as we Dutch would say; “What have I myself now again on the neck brought?!” This is Dunglish for: “what did I get myself into”. Like seriously, I’ve never worked so hard in my life! All just to get this thing done before the grand opening on February 1st. Well guess what, we did it. At one point I only spoke, peed, farted and ate paint. Paint, paint, paint and more paint!!!! We got a new floor, new furniture, new barberchairs, everything is new. Who would’ve thought that opening a barbershop would become so much work? Anyways, the result is to die for! I’m so proud of it! Oh I didn’t even mention the name, it’s Moustache Barbershop. Like it?!

For your convenience, I’ll post some photos so you’ll get a good impression of how the shop turned out. From now on I will post more regularly, so keep a close watch on our blog!!

Also, if you’re interested, follow us on Instagram, and/or like our Facebook page: Moustachebarbershop

Thank you and take care!!




Presenting: The National Ballet with Cinderella


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So a couple of days ago I went to Cinderella, performed by the National Ballet. I had never been to a ballet before, even though I practiced ballet for a few years myself (amateurish) and kind of loved it. Actually, to be perfectly honest, this visit to the ballet wasn’t really my idea. A dear friend of mine got some tickets from her work and she asked me and two other friends to come with her! I instantly said yes, even though I really didn’t know what to expect or anything. I mean free tickets to a ballet with good company, why not right?

I was surprised to see a live orchestra beneath the stage (forgive me, for I am only a newbie at this). Those guys were awe-some. I don’t even have words for it! The same goes for the dancers. They could really work that stage! The stuff they did looked kind of impossible to do and yet they did it anyway. Also the props and the costumes were so well thought of and really beautiful. They really tried to make a spectacle out of it and they kind of succeeded at it too.

But, now the things that were kind of bugging me. That is how it works right? First you say the good stuff and then you speak your mind? I’m just joking I meant everything I said before. It’s just my newbieness that’s causing the problems I guess. For instance, I kept waiting and expecting someone to SAY something. Say something in a ballet! Maybe ballet is just not for me, or maybe I just have to get used to it, but it was really weird how there was absolutely NO talking. Really weird! I mean, I know the story, well the Disney version, so I kind of know what happens. But I was wondering the entire performance about what it would be like if I didn’t know the story. Would I get it? Would I understand what they were trying to say? I guess we will never know…

Overall it was a really memorable performance, but I can’t say that I will go to the ballet again. What about you guys? Have you ever been to a ballet and if yes, what did you think? Are there more newbies out there that also kept waiting for some dialogues? Let me know in the comments!



Donations for a good cause


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Hi guys, so it has been a while since we’ve posted something. I hereby sincerely apologize! I think I can speak for the both of us when I say we’ve had a busy week..

We can call this a little blessing in disguise, because now I’ve got some stuff to share with you, yay! Do a happy dance : )

So, where do I start? This week has been all about getting my stuff prepped for when the holidays are over, for I am not planning on doing anything for school the next two weeks. I am already daydreaming about how much I am ‘not’ going to do, besides laying on the couch, worshipping food and watching some tv-shows.

Next week I will be doing some Christmas shopping in Amsterdam. Since I’ve got no money to scratch my butt with (hahaha this is a roughly translated Dutch saying) I’m wondering how the hell I am going to buy all the presents I need. Not even to mention all the stuff I want myself, but that is somehow always a disappointment. Not that I cannot find anything.. i wish it was that simple my fellow minions. It’s more like I find too much want-thingies and everything is just waaaaaay too expensive. Don’t you just love the life of a student ❤

Anyways, if anyone wants to make a donation, I'm happy to give you my bank account number : ) in exchange, I will dedicate a whole post about how awesome my anonymous sugar daddy/mommy is!

I will be spending Christmas with family and friends. Therefor I will send my love out there for those who aren't able to spend the holidays with their loved ones <3<3 if you want to transfer some money from your bank account to mine, I will send you a postcard to hang above the chimney. That way you won't be feeling alone during Christmas and I will be able to spend some money on Christmas gifts. See, it's a win-win situation! I hope that this way I can stimulate the donation process! And seriously, there is no need to thank me!! What can I say, it's just in my nature to help humanity : )

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading my non-self centered post about Christmas and stuff. Where will you be during the holidays?! Anything special this year? Do tell me!

With loving hugs!



The Jeffrey Campbell Dream


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Who’s a happy girl? I am a happy girl! Because finally, after two weeks or so, these puppies came in the mail for me yesterday. I have been coveting these for months now, but they were always way above my budget (as everything I want to buy tends to be above my budget these days). But the black Friday sale made it possible for me to now have them in my possession after all! And can I just say that they are not only stunners, but are super comfortable as well! The only downer I have is that they tend to be a little tight around my ankle at the moment. But that should be less and less of a problem when the leather gets more supple from wearing them. So overall, they are an amazing buy, definitely worth the money. I can really recommend these! Next on the list.. The JC rumble’s! But not for a while though, let the coveting begin..
Do you guys have any dream shoes you wish you could buy but can’t, or maybe you already did! Tell me about it!

A super happy Shanice