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About me, or should I say about us? That’s right, us! We are two best friends that started this blog together to share our passion for fashion, music, photography and watching our fave tv-shows. Guy and Girl, combining the best of two worlds.We hope to inspire you by sharing our love for clothing, dashing photography, must-have music sounds and strong opinions!

But so much for the ‘about’ section! For all of you kindred spirits out there, what exactly are we planning to share with you, or in other words, what can you expect from us. We are planning to update on a regular basis, providing you with our latest brainwaves, discoveries and critiques. Feel free to comment and blurt out opinions or fun facts of your own! If you are reading this, you most likely share some, if not all, passions with us. So let yourself be heard!! We sincerely hope you will love reading our blog as we will love writing it. Stay tuned!

Hugs ❤

Mikki & Shanice