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One of the things I absolutely love to do is watch TV Shows. I watch so many TV Shows in so many genres that you are either going to think that I absolutely have no life (it’s ok to think that, sometimes I agree with that myself), or you are going to think wow! If I could find the time for that I would watch as many as I could as well.

So, how did this obsession of mine start? It actually has a lot more to do with the lack of time that I have than with the abundance of it. In the Netherlands we have this thing called SOG’gen (Studie Ontwijkend Gedrag). That roughly translates to the evasive behaviour some of us have while we are supposed to be studying. Those little timeslots where I delay the inevitable, I fill up with my fav TV shows. The shows I watched began to grow in quantity and that’s the reason why I now have a pretty impressive list. I will try to post the entire list (I hope I won’t forget any shows) at the end of this post.

I’m not entirely sure yet what my focus will be, but for now I will be reviewing episodes, giving my opinions about the shows, finding out return dates and so on. Needless to say, if you have seen my list, I won’t be reviewing every episode of every show, but mostly the ones that are either very good or very disappointing. Overall just the ones that are worth the write. I hope you’ll enjoy!!

My list

Currently watching full time

Once upon a time
666 Park Avenue
New Girl
Hart of Dixie
The Vampire Diaries
Modern Family

Only if there is nothing else

Gossip Girl
Grey’s anatomy

Currently on hiatus

True blood
Pretty little liars
Game of Thrones
Teen Wolf
The Borgias

What are your fav TV shows? Are there any shows in my list that you absolutely love or hate, or maybe a show that I am currently not watching but should be watching? Tell me in a comment! I would love to hear.

Hugs <;;;;3


Let me add to that;

The first thing I ask potential new friends is; “Don’t you just love Modern Family?! Have you seen the latest episode?”
If they even dare to answer with the “n-word”, I’m like – “sorry, but there’s no way we can ever be friends”. I mean, who doesn’t love Modern Family right?! I will love team Gloria forever <;3

Hugs & cuddles