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***MAJOR Spoiler alert***

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ELENA IS SIRED TO DAMON?? Say what? Like you’d have to be sired to be all over him. (You know I’m right). So what is up with that.. I spent the entire episode being all happy and smug that they’re finally going to be together and then they throw something like that at you. I mean I’m happy they did get together in all sorts of ways, but how much of that is real? Way to spoil my happiness. BTW Ed Sheeran did a good job in making that moment even more magical!!

But on the other hand, where’s the fun in ending THE love triangle (next to the one in True Blood, which is epic as well). I do think the writers did a magnificent job in leading us to this moment of revelation. I never thought about the fact that there could be something going on with Elena (even though it actually is really weird she couldn’t drink from a blood bag and all of that stuff). Call me naïve, I just took it for what it was. I usually never get caught off guard by surprises like this; normally I always sniff them out before they are revealed to us.

Anyway, what’s done is done and I am curious about how they are going play this one out. In the meantime there is the Jeremy problem (of which no one is going to believe that Elena moving out of the house is the solution, like seriously?) and the scheming professor, now seemingly working together with Tyler’s (not?) beau. Questions, questions so many questions.

So what did you think of this episode? Do the Delena fireworks satisfy you or do you think the sire bond spoils it all? Or are you a Stelena and did hope spark after word of the sire bond? Let me know in the comments!



And for all of you Delena lovers out there:

Make sure to check out the comments below that video as well. I just read one that was absolutely hilarious about Julie Pec being sired to Stelena.. hahahaha amazing.