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There they are! There they are! The first fresh snowflakes to cool my cheeks. The snow is falling early this year, so I’d better prepare myself for some serious winter coldness. Don’t get me wrong, the broad white landscape creates a beautiful painting. But to me, the cold, the wind, the grey sky and the dozens of car accidents give me all the right reasons to snug up on the couch and wrap myself in a warm fuzzy unicorn blanket, make myself a hot coco with a lot of whipped cream and watch tvshows all day long! Never to mention all the daytime sleeping! Oh those days, those cosy days ❤ Only thing missing in this utopia picture is a fireplace.. Instead, I will just turn up the heat to a temperature I myself call “cosy little Mordor” (For all of the lotr fans out there).

Unfortunately, today I had to step outside, into the cold harsh world of blizzards and slippery roads. Had to go to school for 10 whole minutes >.< Those lovely moments in life where you ask yourself if it will ever be worth it? It better be, it better be!

Anyways, what are your winterhabits. Are there any survivalskills I need to know about? Please do share, because I could use all the help there is to offer. I’m a summer~person, which in this time of the year is a dying breed.


A loving popsicle


This picture represents the bold move I made today, to just step outside and conquer the icy world of snowflakes and blizzards. I’m a proud boy : )