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Who’s a happy girl? I am a happy girl! Because finally, after two weeks or so, these puppies came in the mail for me yesterday. I have been coveting these for months now, but they were always way above my budget (as everything I want to buy tends to be above my budget these days). But the black Friday sale made it possible for me to now have them in my possession after all! And can I just say that they are not only stunners, but are super comfortable as well! The only downer I have is that they tend to be a little tight around my ankle at the moment. But that should be less and less of a problem when the leather gets more supple from wearing them. So overall, they are an amazing buy, definitely worth the money. I can really recommend these! Next on the list.. The JC rumble’s! But not for a while though, let the coveting begin..
Do you guys have any dream shoes you wish you could buy but can’t, or maybe you already did! Tell me about it!

A super happy Shanice