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Hi guys, so it has been a while since we’ve posted something. I hereby sincerely apologize! I think I can speak for the both of us when I say we’ve had a busy week..

We can call this a little blessing in disguise, because now I’ve got some stuff to share with you, yay! Do a happy dance : )

So, where do I start? This week has been all about getting my stuff prepped for when the holidays are over, for I am not planning on doing anything for school the next two weeks. I am already daydreaming about how much I am ‘not’ going to do, besides laying on the couch, worshipping food and watching some tv-shows.

Next week I will be doing some Christmas shopping in Amsterdam. Since I’ve got no money to scratch my butt with (hahaha this is a roughly translated Dutch saying) I’m wondering how the hell I am going to buy all the presents I need. Not even to mention all the stuff I want myself, but that is somehow always a disappointment. Not that I cannot find anything.. i wish it was that simple my fellow minions. It’s more like I find too much want-thingies and everything is just waaaaaay too expensive. Don’t you just love the life of a student ❤

Anyways, if anyone wants to make a donation, I'm happy to give you my bank account number : ) in exchange, I will dedicate a whole post about how awesome my anonymous sugar daddy/mommy is!

I will be spending Christmas with family and friends. Therefor I will send my love out there for those who aren't able to spend the holidays with their loved ones <3<3 if you want to transfer some money from your bank account to mine, I will send you a postcard to hang above the chimney. That way you won't be feeling alone during Christmas and I will be able to spend some money on Christmas gifts. See, it's a win-win situation! I hope that this way I can stimulate the donation process! And seriously, there is no need to thank me!! What can I say, it's just in my nature to help humanity : )

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading my non-self centered post about Christmas and stuff. Where will you be during the holidays?! Anything special this year? Do tell me!

With loving hugs!