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So a couple of days ago I went to Cinderella, performed by the National Ballet. I had never been to a ballet before, even though I practiced ballet for a few years myself (amateurish) and kind of loved it. Actually, to be perfectly honest, this visit to the ballet wasn’t really my idea. A dear friend of mine got some tickets from her work and she asked me and two other friends to come with her! I instantly said yes, even though I really didn’t know what to expect or anything. I mean free tickets to a ballet with good company, why not right?

I was surprised to see a live orchestra beneath the stage (forgive me, for I am only a newbie at this). Those guys were awe-some. I don’t even have words for it! The same goes for the dancers. They could really work that stage! The stuff they did looked kind of impossible to do and yet they did it anyway. Also the props and the costumes were so well thought of and really beautiful. They really tried to make a spectacle out of it and they kind of succeeded at it too.

But, now the things that were kind of bugging me. That is how it works right? First you say the good stuff and then you speak your mind? I’m just joking I meant everything I said before. It’s just my newbieness that’s causing the problems I guess. For instance, I kept waiting and expecting someone to SAY something. Say something in a ballet! Maybe ballet is just not for me, or maybe I just have to get used to it, but it was really weird how there was absolutely NO talking. Really weird! I mean, I know the story, well the Disney version, so I kind of know what happens. But I was wondering the entire performance about what it would be like if I didn’t know the story. Would I get it? Would I understand what they were trying to say? I guess we will never know…

Overall it was a really memorable performance, but I can’t say that I will go to the ballet again. What about you guys? Have you ever been to a ballet and if yes, what did you think? Are there more newbies out there that also kept waiting for some dialogues? Let me know in the comments!