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Hello to you my dear readers,

We’re terribly sorry for our extreme absence with this blog!! So much has happened, so busy we’ve been. Ill tell you guys everything, please read on..

So, me and my boyfriend decided to open our very own men-only barbershop in the centre of Groningen city. It all started in December when we had the opportunity to get this “amazing” shop. I used the quotation marks because once we got ourselves the keys, we realized there was a lot of work to do in a short amount of time! I was thinking, as we Dutch would say; “What have I myself now again on the neck brought?!” This is Dunglish for: “what did I get myself into”. Like seriously, I’ve never worked so hard in my life! All just to get this thing done before the grand opening on February 1st. Well guess what, we did it. At one point I only spoke, peed, farted and ate paint. Paint, paint, paint and more paint!!!! We got a new floor, new furniture, new barberchairs, everything is new. Who would’ve thought that opening a barbershop would become so much work? Anyways, the result is to die for! I’m so proud of it! Oh I didn’t even mention the name, it’s Moustache Barbershop. Like it?!

For your convenience, I’ll post some photos so you’ll get a good impression of how the shop turned out. From now on I will post more regularly, so keep a close watch on our blog!!

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Thank you and take care!!