Hi guys, yes I am still alive  (barely though). I have been so busy with school and work that I just couldn’t let myself write a bit here. I have thought about it quite often though. A moment would present itself and I would think ahw I want to write about this today! But then I would push it to the end of the day, by which time I would already be to dead to do anything at all really. So lots of catching up to do (keeping the positive outlook!)

So how was your Valentines day? Any secret crushes outed or uncovered? Or maybe just a night with the boy/girlfriend or with friends! Or maybe you are one of those people who only think Valentines is some commercial stunt to get us consumers to buy more useless stuff .. Personally I think you should still try to see the magic of this day. If you do, anything can happen! (although I do think that shops use Valentines in a very clever way haha). But seriously it doesn’t have to be about gifts, it should be about romantic gestures and being together right? God I sound mushy, better move on now.

I want to tell you about my Valentines! It was also the birthday of a good friend of mine and she decided to celebrate it with me and my other friends with a high tea. It was at her place and she and her family prepared all the goodies themselves. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever seen anything more lovely. I mean if this is what heaven looks like.. Haha no just kidding, but seriously my friends and I were in awe.

And ofcourse we tried to eat it all. (You can put the emphasis on tried) Take a look yourself:



After the high tea I had to hurry home for dinner with the entire family. I forgot how great that is, spending time with the family. Really missed it. And on top of it all, my boyfriend bought me a little something as well, even though we said no presents ( should have seen it coming though haha). Overall, a busy but great Valentines day.

Now I am looking out for next weekend, where I will be reunited with my sweet Mikki!

Have a good Friday everyone,

Xx Shanice