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I barely dare to say it, but is spring finally here? Oh I can’t bare the wait any longer!! You probably knew this already, but I’m like a cold blooded reptile that adapts way better in warm areas, and freezes to death when it gets a bit cold.. So when I finally see a little bit of sunshine through the dark grey clouds, I blossom out of excitement just like a little crybaby whenever he gets a chocolate covered pacifier or something like that.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands wouldn’t be the Netherlands if Mother Nature wouldn’t tease me with a little bit of sunshine this week, and give me loads of rain the next. So what are my plans for this week? Should I cherish the spring feeling and get myself a lot of festival tickets already? I think I want to go to a lot of festivals this year such as Pinkpop or Lowlands. But also I have to save a lot of money to go to the USA this year. Jhep, I wanna go to LA! Make my dreams come true. Become an actor, get famous, living the good life, and so on and so on… Luckily I’m the only one with this dream SFL (SarcastForLife). Nevertheless, I will give it a shot somewhere in my life!! Better to do it now when I’m young and my skin is still tightly attached to my face rather them to wait till I’m a DILF without even being a daddy. Good god, did I just write that out loud..?! Haha.

Anyways, what are your plans for the summer? Are you going somewhere exotic, or are you just staying in your home country? Let us know!