Freezing, Dancing and Partying


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Hi Guys,

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, I have had a busy busy week. However I believe I also have a pretty nice story lined up!

It all started when my sweet friend Lisa invited me to go with her to the after party of the Chris Brown concert. She had gotten tickets for a bargain price and I am glad she asked me to come with. At first I was hesitant though, after all, I had to go to work very early the next morning. But after ensuring me that the party would only last until 2AM and we would be home by 3AM I decided to go with her. And I have to say I am NOT sorry I did! But maybe not for the reasons you think! Please, read on.

I have to be honest, our journey (yes I will call it a journey), didn’t really go as planned. As you might’ve already read in Mikki’s previous post about our Dutch weather at the moment, it was totally freezing out. Not to mention how slippery everything was and to top that off, we were walking in heels. Indeed, we were walking – in heels. For the first half of our way over there we took a tram and a train. After the sitting part we had to walk for twenty-something minutes in our heels, in the snow and on slippery, icy roads.

But, when we got there, I have to say it was well worth the walk. The location was simply amazing; there was good music and there were laser shows and everything. Even Chris Brown showed up to his own party.

I don’t really know what happened to the music when he did, but it wasn’t as good as before. Moreover, everybody was so fixated on Mister Brown (he wasn’t wearing a shirt and his jeans were hanging on his knees) that they just stopped dancing and started staring. Luckily for us, there was other entertainment as well. Chris had brought his dancers with him and they were having a really good time just free styling and dancing. It was absolutely amazing to see!! Having had dancing as a passion for a very long time but not having danced for real for very long either I/we felt inspired again. The dancers were just that good. I want to figure out their names and just follow what they are up to.

Anyways, the night turned out to be really fun. We danced a lot and the amazing talents of those dancers blew us away. I didn’t even mind that we didn’t get home by 3AM but more something like 4AM.

So THANK YOU Lisa and THANK YOU dancers for making my night!!


The guy in the middle with the sunglasses and the long hair was a-maze-balls. He threw some unbelievable Michael moves at one point. Lisa and I almost went nuts!

xo Shanice


Hot coco and cosy times ahead!


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There they are! There they are! The first fresh snowflakes to cool my cheeks. The snow is falling early this year, so I’d better prepare myself for some serious winter coldness. Don’t get me wrong, the broad white landscape creates a beautiful painting. But to me, the cold, the wind, the grey sky and the dozens of car accidents give me all the right reasons to snug up on the couch and wrap myself in a warm fuzzy unicorn blanket, make myself a hot coco with a lot of whipped cream and watch tvshows all day long! Never to mention all the daytime sleeping! Oh those days, those cosy days ❤ Only thing missing in this utopia picture is a fireplace.. Instead, I will just turn up the heat to a temperature I myself call “cosy little Mordor” (For all of the lotr fans out there).

Unfortunately, today I had to step outside, into the cold harsh world of blizzards and slippery roads. Had to go to school for 10 whole minutes >.< Those lovely moments in life where you ask yourself if it will ever be worth it? It better be, it better be!

Anyways, what are your winterhabits. Are there any survivalskills I need to know about? Please do share, because I could use all the help there is to offer. I’m a summer~person, which in this time of the year is a dying breed.


A loving popsicle


This picture represents the bold move I made today, to just step outside and conquer the icy world of snowflakes and blizzards. I’m a proud boy : )

Home Made Today: Authentic Bossche Bollen


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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have been slaving away in the kitchen today to bake these delicious goodies. (I would like that pat on the back now) In the Netherlands they are called ‘Bossche Bollen’ because they are a specialty of the people of Den Bosch. It’s always kind of a tradition that if you visit Den Bosch (if you don’t live there of course) you sit down at a sweet little tea-place or bakery and order yourself one. And I am, as you might have noticed already, pretty proud I pulled these off (with the help of my mom and bf). They almost look like they should look and they tasted amazing!! If you don’t know what to think of these, you should see them as a large cream puff covered in chocolate glazing. mmmmmm so good.

Now I am going to sit back with a cup of tea, relax and eat some more of my own Bossche Bol before my boyfriend beats me to it. Enjoy your day!



Thoughts on: TVD 4×07


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***MAJOR Spoiler alert***



ELENA IS SIRED TO DAMON?? Say what? Like you’d have to be sired to be all over him. (You know I’m right). So what is up with that.. I spent the entire episode being all happy and smug that they’re finally going to be together and then they throw something like that at you. I mean I’m happy they did get together in all sorts of ways, but how much of that is real? Way to spoil my happiness. BTW Ed Sheeran did a good job in making that moment even more magical!!

But on the other hand, where’s the fun in ending THE love triangle (next to the one in True Blood, which is epic as well). I do think the writers did a magnificent job in leading us to this moment of revelation. I never thought about the fact that there could be something going on with Elena (even though it actually is really weird she couldn’t drink from a blood bag and all of that stuff). Call me naïve, I just took it for what it was. I usually never get caught off guard by surprises like this; normally I always sniff them out before they are revealed to us.

Anyway, what’s done is done and I am curious about how they are going play this one out. In the meantime there is the Jeremy problem (of which no one is going to believe that Elena moving out of the house is the solution, like seriously?) and the scheming professor, now seemingly working together with Tyler’s (not?) beau. Questions, questions so many questions.

So what did you think of this episode? Do the Delena fireworks satisfy you or do you think the sire bond spoils it all? Or are you a Stelena and did hope spark after word of the sire bond? Let me know in the comments!



And for all of you Delena lovers out there:

Make sure to check out the comments below that video as well. I just read one that was absolutely hilarious about Julie Pec being sired to Stelena.. hahahaha amazing.

Happy days Dreaming


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So you know that feeling you get when the weather is all gloomy and wet and all you want to do is hop on a plane and go to that sunny, dreamy, beachy paradise, wherever that may be. I was drowning in that feeling today. I even went to Schiphol Airport, but not to get on a plane myself, seriously I wish I was that bold! (Or had that kind of money, any sponsors available?). I went there to wave some loved ones goodbye so they could get on their plane to a fantastic paradise. I sooooo wanted to fold myself into their suitcase and go with them!!

I actually went to some amazing places already. I got to go to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia multiple times. But does that make my hunger for more disappear? Not.even.a.bit. But I guess it’s already a blessing I got to experience being at those places at all.

So if you are having a gloomy, rainy day yourself dream along with me to make this a fuller and happier day. Make yourself a list of destinations you still want to visit, or want to return to and imagine yourself flying over there right now. I promise it will turn your frown upside down. (Yes I just said that)

But really, what are your favourite destinations? What would you recommend to me to dream about, or maybe to actually visit some day?

I hope to hear some good suggestions!

Hugs ❤


The Coldplay Experience


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I absolutely love the band Coldplay! Since I haven´t been able to visit the concert myself, it seemed only natural to buy the Mylo Xyloto tour dvd. After seeing the dvd, I felt the urge to share my opinion about this tour.

I absolutely love, love, love this tour!! It’s as if I have been there myself. All the bandmembers are just so humble. They have definitely conquered a piece in my heart ❤ What I liked the most is, you could see the crew taking so much time to invest in their fans. It’s just as if you get to know them personally. I think that’s one of the biggest strenghts of Coldplay.

The other strength -ofcourse- is, their music. The beautiful voice of Chris Martin instantly touches my heart when he spits out his first notes. What they did with this tour is, they gave the whole audience special wristbands that would light up during certain parts in diffrent songs. Not only gave this a beautiful wide spread curtain of sparkling lights, it added a whole new dimension to the music they were playing. The crowd went absolutely insane, and with my surround sound, I desperately felt the urge to grab the nearest lightbulb inside my house and wave it above my head myself. I simply felt the whole vibe in my livingroom.

There are some songs in particular that always seem to hit me in the right spot. Ofcourse my personal favies! A must see on this dvd is the song “Charlie Brown!” I am not going to tell you why, see for yourself and you will instantly love this performance. Unfortunately, there is no video available from this performance. Otherwise I would have posted it here for your convenience.

Also, I loved the “Paradise” and “Fix You” performances! It’s a goosbump guarantee : )

What more can I say? I think it’s more than obvious that I recommend this dvd to the fullest. Next time I will be going to the tour myself, naturally!

But for now, thank you coldplay for this awesome piece of art. I think I am going to enjoy watching your dvd for a long time. Hopefully I will see you for myself in the near future!


With Love




It’s your daily dose of nonsense


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Hi to you, my dear readers!

So today I’m going to give you just a little peek-a-boo inside my life as a study evasive junior student. I should be preparing some stuff for college tomorrow, but there are just so many distractions. I just can’t push myself to read those articles for heavens sake. So what do I do I hear you ask?

– There is a teeny-weeny little man chuckling inside my head right now.. –

Ah you know, watching a movie over here, reading a book over there. Do some online shopping (or should I say; fantasizing about being able to buy all those things I want). Cuddle with my doggie named “Whopper”, watch a little vampire diaries and I even do a little housecleaning with loud music. The worst part of all is I tell myself every time I will take a simple short beauty sleep. So I lay myself in bed, get comfortable and BAM! I wake up 4 hours later! Guess I got a little bit too comfortable.. Welcome to my life : ) And for the record, to make things more realistic, you may read “while eating food” after every verb I mention. I’m such a foodaddict!! I think I might die as a stuffed pineapple, hell can me up for all I care : )

Moving on.

I’d do anything to escape from college duties on my “free” day. I mean free is free right? Tomorrow is a new day. A new day to feel guilty : ) What do you do when you have to prepare for something, and there are so many distractions? Guide me, teach me, feed me!

No seriously haha, who’s feeling me?

With stuffed love ❤


Flying with Little Comets


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So, lately I have been playing this awesome band’s latest album on repeat. They’re called ‘Little Comets’ and their new album ‘Life is Elsewhere’ instantly became one of my personal little favies!

This album combines the lovely summer breeze feeling with lyrics that make you think about serious problems in the world.

Nevertheless, if you’re not a big fan of deep and depressing lyrics, this band also provides compelling feel-good tunes, that will carry you away in a world of ear-stroking fluffy clouds.

You could say, every cloud has a silver lining. Therefore I recommend this album to everyone! So go and give it a chance, listen to some songs.

I guarantee that you’ll love it! And if not (impossible!) speak up in the comments!

With love and hugs,


For your convenience, one of my favies!

Livin’ the Couch Potato Life


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One of the things I absolutely love to do is watch TV Shows. I watch so many TV Shows in so many genres that you are either going to think that I absolutely have no life (it’s ok to think that, sometimes I agree with that myself), or you are going to think wow! If I could find the time for that I would watch as many as I could as well.

So, how did this obsession of mine start? It actually has a lot more to do with the lack of time that I have than with the abundance of it. In the Netherlands we have this thing called SOG’gen (Studie Ontwijkend Gedrag). That roughly translates to the evasive behaviour some of us have while we are supposed to be studying. Those little timeslots where I delay the inevitable, I fill up with my fav TV shows. The shows I watched began to grow in quantity and that’s the reason why I now have a pretty impressive list. I will try to post the entire list (I hope I won’t forget any shows) at the end of this post.

I’m not entirely sure yet what my focus will be, but for now I will be reviewing episodes, giving my opinions about the shows, finding out return dates and so on. Needless to say, if you have seen my list, I won’t be reviewing every episode of every show, but mostly the ones that are either very good or very disappointing. Overall just the ones that are worth the write. I hope you’ll enjoy!!

My list

Currently watching full time

Once upon a time
666 Park Avenue
New Girl
Hart of Dixie
The Vampire Diaries
Modern Family

Only if there is nothing else

Gossip Girl
Grey’s anatomy

Currently on hiatus

True blood
Pretty little liars
Game of Thrones
Teen Wolf
The Borgias

What are your fav TV shows? Are there any shows in my list that you absolutely love or hate, or maybe a show that I am currently not watching but should be watching? Tell me in a comment! I would love to hear.

Hugs <;;;;3


Let me add to that;

The first thing I ask potential new friends is; “Don’t you just love Modern Family?! Have you seen the latest episode?”
If they even dare to answer with the “n-word”, I’m like – “sorry, but there’s no way we can ever be friends”. I mean, who doesn’t love Modern Family right?! I will love team Gloria forever <;3

Hugs & cuddles


A little introduction


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About me, or should I say about us? That’s right, us! We are two best friends that started this blog together to share our passion for fashion, music, photography and watching our fave tv-shows. Guy and Girl, combining the best of two worlds.We hope to inspire you by sharing our love for clothing, dashing photography, must-have music sounds and strong opinions!

But so much for the ‘about’ section! For all of you kindred spirits out there, what exactly are we planning to share with you, or in other words, what can you expect from us. We are planning to update on a regular basis, providing you with our latest brainwaves, discoveries and critiques. Feel free to comment and blurt out opinions or fun facts of your own! If you are reading this, you most likely share some, if not all, passions with us. So let yourself be heard!! We sincerely hope you will love reading our blog as we will love writing it. Stay tuned!

Hugs ❤

Mikki & Shanice